About Us

Jonathan Simeonides

In my time traveling in Indonesia and the world, I have come across many interesting individuals.

None more so than the Balinese Master Artisan Carvers and Artists, who we had the great fortune of getting in contact with.

Standing out above the mesmerising beaches and Volcanos of Indonesia, these artists have dedicated decades of time and practice to gain the experience that allows them to do something that is both unique and breathtaking.

With that in mind, I have put together a team with one collaborative vision: 

To Introduce and share these amazing talents and skills, while showcasing the perfection and beauty of their work. With the world.

I happened to stumble across something truly incredible, so it’s only fair that I share that something with those who weren’t lucky enough to find it.
Jonathan Simeonides - Director

Jonathan Simeonides - Director

Our Team

Aureus Arts currently consists of a head craftsman and a whole carving team. With a separate lineup of staff taking care of all of our hand crafted products.

We don't see ourselves as a company who's goal is to maximize profit.

We prefer to see ourselves as a family, who's goal is to share something incredible with the world. - just like a loving family would. 

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."

– Twyla Tharp

'Workshop Corner' by Jonathan Simeonides

'Workshop Corner' by Jonathan Simeonides


What makes Aureus Arts as unique as it is? 

Whether the medium is Feathers, Bone or Leather. The materials we use are 100% organic. So naturally, no two pieces are the same.

The hand carving and crafting process itself takes this uniqueness one step further. Each individual artist adds his own personal touch, transferring a piece of his or her own personality into the work.

To put it simply, each of our items tells a story, which comes alive with personality and character.

By limiting the number of middlemen, we can insure the artists who previously struggled to get their talents recognised can be fully appreciated. Giving them and their families the lifestyle and opportunity they truly deserve.

Not only are you buying an intricate hand crafted Artwork, you are supporting Indonesian Master Artisans who work so hard to provide for their families.

Indra Suryaningrat - Our Amazing Head Craftsman and Team Leader

Indra Suryaningrat - Our Amazing Head Craftsman and Team Leader